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REFERRAL PROGRAM FOR CLIENTS AND FRIENDS The Referral Program is a great way to earn discounts on your next session or getting cash just by telling friends and family about Andrea Todt Photography! When the person you refer becomes a client and brings their referral card to their session, you will receive 15% off your next session or 10% of the order amount of your friend order. The new client will get 15% off of their product order too. The more people you refer, the more discount you can build up. If you want to be part of our referral program, I will send you my referral business cards and promotional material to show what Andrea Todt Photography has to offer on services. Please have a look at our website to see more images before you decide. Photography is always a personal vocation. EXCPS REFERRAL PROGRAM FOR Businesses

Newborn Questionnaire

PRE-SESSION QUESTIONNAIRE – Why? Because every family is unique, I want to customize your session just for you. The questions that follow will help me capture your newborn session in a way that resonates with you and represents this special celebration. Please feel free to answer the questions in as much detail as possible – it really helps to get to you know you prior to our session. If there is a section that doesn’t apply, feel free to skip over it, and if you would prefer to chat this over by phone or in person, I am happy to do that as well! I’m so glad you decided to book a session with Andrea Todt Photography! Warmly,Andrea Todt – Your photographer _______________________________________________ Feel free to copy and paste these questions into an Email to me with your answers. Thank you for your support and time! Some questions about yourself: Your name Due date Email Mailing Address Your Phone numberPreferred method of contactPreferred session date/timeGetting to Know You 😊Do you know baby’s gender?Is this your first child?Please include some info on each member of your family that will be participating in the session.Names, ages of kids, likes and dislikes, hobbies, personality traits, super-powers, allergies etc.If older siblings are included, what are the kids interested in and what makes them smile/laugh? Have you experienced a professional family photography session before?How does your family usually respond to photo day? If any family members have reservations or worries about the day, note them here. Do you have a colour scheme and any specific props or poses or ideas in mind for your session? (This question is very important to me.) Are there specific ways you would like to display the images from your family session?Framed photos, canvases, in an album, gift prints for…